The Practice :: Advanced Digital Implant Dentistry

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Advanced Digital Implant Dentistry

Implants are the leading approach to replace missing teeth. Our technology allows us to minimise invasiveness and get you back to a full smile.

We use only the finest materials and implants and can confidently treat any case simple to complex.

Phase 1

Implant Preparation


Before having a dental Implant, we ensure that your oral hygiene and dental health is at its best, allowing you to get great results from your implant journey.

Some patients require a little work to get them ready before their new teeth. Gum health and tooth health concerns will need to be treated and stabilised, so that they don’t interfere with the ideal outcome and the teeth are healthy and ready to be fully restored.

All of these treatments will help improve your oral health and regular reviews and hygiene treatment will maintain it during your treatment.  As soon your oral health is at its best, you will be ready to proceed.

Phase 2

Implant Planning


No more uncomfortable impressions. Digital scanning and computer aided design gives you an idea of how your new smile will look before your treatment begins.

Investment in the latest 3D digital low dose x-ray technology allows The Practice to support a diagnosis with a clear and sharp HD image. Unprecedented image quality allows extremely precise diagnosis and planning. X-rays can be integrated directly into our 3D intra-oral camera scans to give a 3D model of not only your teeth but the surrounding tissues bone and jaw joints.

This makes treatment planning for implants, full mouth rehabilitation and complex cases much more streamlined.  We will walk you through the treatment options in detail before your case begins.

Phase 3

Implant Placement


Precise implants with proactive care. We guide you through every step of the journey and work with you to choose the best options for your new teeth.

We provide you with a care pack of the best supplies to help you keep your new dental implants clean and secure. Even if you’ve been told dental implants are not an option for you we’ve got the skills and materials to potentially regenerate your mouth to help you get back to your full smile with implants.

Phase 4

Guided Healing


Guided healing is an extra step we take to ensure an amazing outcome. 

By utilising custom digitally designed temporary teeth to guide your healing, we help to develop the thickness of the gum around your implant. This in conjunction with regular hygiene therapy during your cleaning phase will ensure ideal integration, achieving the best aesthetic and functional result, giving you a natural and full smile.

Phase 5

Tooth Placement


Aesthetic ceramic crowns, replacement teeth and veneers.

All digitally designed, produced and fitted in house, we scan, produce and fit your newly restored teeth within hours, not weeks. Pure ceramic restorations ensure healthy gums around new crowns, implants, bridges and veneers. They are fully customised for you, with micro-layering, characterisation and beautiful glazing to match your ideal smile with the most natural aesthetics. Convenient and more comfortable, welcome to same day digital dentistry.

Phase 6

Smile Aftercare


Long after your treatment journey finishes we will continue to maintain and provide for your new smile.

Removable nightguards are custom made and supplied to protect your smile. Made from a strong, clear thermoplastic, they ensure the position of your teeth is maintained and prevent wear. You’ll need to wear them each night while you sleep to protect your new teeth.

A three and six month review is part of your treatment to ensure ideal integration. From this point, we offer a number of membership options to ensure your smile is maintained and cared for in the months and years ahead.

“The service we received exceeded our expectations and it was completely bespoke and tailored to each of our needs from start to finish. The team really care about you as a patient & most importantly listen to what it is you want to acheive.

We both couldn’t be happier with our end results, we achieved exactly what we wanted in time for our wedding day! Thank you so much!”


“I knew straight away from the first consultation that it was the perfect place to get both Alex and myself smile ready for our wedding! We both decided to go ahead with Invisilign and cosmetic bonding.

Tristain's knowledge, attention to detail as well as the state of the art technology & beautiful clinic was so impressive and like nothing we had experienced before from a dental practice. We were filled with confidence and knew we would be in good hands.”