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Sports Dentistry

The Practice provides support and treatment tailored to optimise the health of elite athletes. The Practice is proud to be the dentist of choice for Bristol City FC’s Players and Staff. DIfferent sports have different requirements. We can help match you to the best Mouthguards and level of care given your age group, chosen sport and level of contact.

The home of digital dentistry in Bristol, The Practice offers your children more than just gumshields. We can help you choose the best private orthodontic braces, or invisalign for teenagers to help them perform at their best at school and sports.

Sports Mouthguards

Dentist approved gumshields only £95. Precision fit, premium quality BPA free and safety marked.

Available in a range of colours and designs. Manufactured from 99.7% copolymer and 0.3% vinyl acetate and available in 4mm and 5mm thickness.

More than just gumshields

Comprehensive oral assessment, pre-season screening, on call dentistry and pitch side support.

We ensure you, your school and your team are covered for any eventuality. Our sports focused comprehensive assessment ensures you or your whole team is at peak condition when starting the season. A pre-season dental screening & digital 3D scan of your mouth provides us with the information and imaging required should you take one for the team and future restorative dentistry be required.

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Gumshield & Dentist Approved Custom Mouthguards created from Digital scans of your teeth rather than uncomfortable impressions or boiling hot  

DIY molds, our Custom Gum shields are the safest and most comfortable protection for your smile. Extremely Precise fit, premium quality and BPA free. Available in a range of colours and designs. Manufactured from 99.7% copolymer and 0.3% vinyl acetate and available in 4mm and 5mm thickness.

Underarmour Mouthwear

UnderArmour® performance mouthwear provides unrivalled protection, combined with groundbreaking technology to improve your performance.

The AmourBite® sports mouthguard’s bespoke fit and enhanced design provides optimum protection in contact sport.

From school sports teams to top professionals, The Practice and Under Armour® are so confident in the ability of the AmourBite® to protect your smile, that whilst wearing the product your teeth are insured up to £20,000. 

Delivering far more than just protection, the ArmourBite® contains patented Power WedgeTM technology, capable of enhancing performance in strength, power and endurance sports.

Enhance your strength

Whenever pushing your body to it’s limits during strength training or competition, most athletes' natural reaction is to clench their teeth.

Clenching causes tension in the jaw muscles which in turn creates cortisol, a hormone that tells your body it is stressed or fatigued.  This impedes the body’s natural ability to perform at 100% to encourage rest. Power WedgesTM built into the ArmourBite® mouthpiece holds your jaw in the best position to limit clenching.  This reduces the body's production of cortisol and improves your strength performance.

Maximise your power

Power is an integral part of a golfers swing, weightlifters performance or tennis players serve. Clenching your teeth inhibits your power output.

Clenching causes your central nervous system to inhibit your natural reflexes. The periodontal ligament is the layer of tissue between your natural teeth and the jaw bone. It acts as a shock absorber and the nerve fibres give your brain feed-back on how hard you are biting. If the bite is too strong the body triggers a reflex that inhibits the strength of the bite muscles.  This is designed to stop you biting so hard that you break your teeth. However this reflex pathway can have systemic effect on other muscles systems, inhibiting maximum contraction and significantly slowing down reaction times.UnderArmour® Power WedgesTM remove this feedback and allow maximal recruitment of muscle fibres by your central nervous system.

“The service we received exceeded our expectations and it was completely bespoke and tailored to each of our needs from start to finish. The team really care about you as a patient & most importantly listen to what it is you want to acheive.

We both couldn’t be happier with our end results, we achieved exactly what we wanted in time for our wedding day! Thank you so much!”


“I knew straight away from the first consultation that it was the perfect place to get both Alex and myself smile ready for our wedding! We both decided to go ahead with Invisilign and cosmetic bonding.

Tristain's knowledge, attention to detail as well as the state of the art technology & beautiful clinic was so impressive and like nothing we had experienced before from a dental practice. We were filled with confidence and knew we would be in good hands.”