The Practice :: Braces & Invisalign for all ages

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Braces & Invisalign for all ages

Invisalign is a great way to correct the position of your teeth along with traditional braces.

We are the No.1 provider in Bristol and can confidently treat any case with Invisalign.


Phase 1

Invisalign Preparation


Before starting Invisalign, we want to ensure that your oral hygiene and dental health is at its best, allowing you to get great results from your invisalign journey.

Some patients require a little work to get them ready for moving teeth. Gum Health and tooth health concerns will need to be treated and stabilised so that they don't interfere with the ideal outcome, ensuring teeth are healthy and ready to be ideally positioned.

As soon as you're ready to go into braces, your teeth will be scanned and new photos taken and you’ll be ready to start your invisalign aligners.These improvements of your oral health will be monitored with regular reviews and hygiene treatment will maintain it during your Invisalign Journey.

Phase 2

Aligners & Attachments


A few simple steps to begin your Invisalign journey.

You’ll have attachments placed on your teeth to help the aligner make the movements needed towards your ideal smile. They are very discreet and usually go unnoticed. Once this phase of treatment is complete, they’ll be removed. It’s important to ensure you maintain good oral hygiene, therefore remember to clean your aligners each day before you wear them.

Remove them for eating, drinking and brushing, when you remove your aligners, be sure to keep them safe in the carry case provided. If you lose your aligner, you should contact us immediately. 

If aligners aren’t fitting correctly, or if the treatment goals have changed, it’s sometimes necessary to provide additional aligners to get things back on track.  If this is needed we’ll rescan your smile in its current position. Wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day is the best way to reducing any further refinement that may be necessary and therefore reduce the overall length of your treatment.

Phase 3

Whitening & Bonding


This stage focuses on the colour and shape of your teeth, providing an excellent long lasting, visual result.

Whitening is simple and safe, clients tell us that they feel more confident after the treatment and wish they had done it sooner. Enlighten Whitening is the optimum choice, providing a guaranteed whiter smile with less sensitivity.

Adult teeth usually show some signs of wear from the teeth being in the wrong position during daily use. Once the teeth are put into the correct position your teeth will need these broken edges restored to give you that perfect straight white smile.

Bonding repairs staining, cracks, wear facets and chipped edges. It involves the placement of multiple layers of white filling material to emulate your natural tooth shape. The resin used provides a very strong bond to the tooth. Diets high in tea, coffee, red wine or smoking & vaping may attract minor staining to the resin over time; however a regular professional clean will remove this staining and maintain the polish of the resin.


Phase 4

Refining your smile


We want you to have the perfect smile, the refinement stage provides us with the opportunity to make exacting adjustments to get things perfect.

After your bonding, we will rescan your teeth and you’ll have a short series of refinement aligners to perfect your bite and tooth position. We believe this stage is the most important part of your invisalign journey as it allows us to fine tune the alignment of your teeth, ensuring we achieve your perfect smile.

In order to get the very best results, we may repeat this stage of the journey until we are confident your smile is as good as it can be.

Phase 5

Smile Aftercare


Retainers ensure your perfect smile is maintained, long after your treatment journey finishes.

Removeable retainers are our most popular choice, working just like invisalign, they are custom made for your teeth, made from a stronger clear thermoplastic. You’ll need to wear them each night while you sleep. Bonded fixed retainers are also available, consisting of a wire bonded to the back of your teeth. This fixed bar holds your teeth in position, ensuring your perfect smile is maintained.

A three and six month review is included as part of your treatment. From this point, we offer a number of membership options to ensure your smile is maintained and cared for in the months and years ahead.

“The service we received exceeded our expectations and it was completely bespoke and tailored to each of our needs from start to finish. The team really care about you as a patient & most importantly listen to what it is you want to acheive.

We both couldn’t be happier with our end results, we achieved exactly what we wanted in time for our wedding day! Thank you so much!”


“I knew straight away from the first consultation that it was the perfect place to get both Alex and myself smile ready for our wedding! We both decided to go ahead with Invisilign and cosmetic bonding.

Tristain's knowledge, attention to detail as well as the state of the art technology & beautiful clinic was so impressive and like nothing we had experienced before from a dental practice. We were filled with confidence and knew we would be in good hands.”